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Welcome Miami, Connecticut, North Carolina, New York, Delaware, Virginia, Minnesota, Chicago, New Jersey, Texas, California And Philadelphia ...

The Cell Group Ministry Partnerships Conference Calls and Broadcast  (CGMPA - Conference Calls)
is a extension of (CGMPA-Church) and is a ministry which meets bi-weekly, within our virtual Tele-Conference Call Center” to empower, encourage and edify the body of Christ. This is not an ONLINE CHURCH, but, instead a Church with an online presence.

Join Pastor Derick E Wilkes, Prophet Natalie A. W. Wilkes and Pastor Roderick kendrick for the Cell Group Ministry Partnership Conference Calls ... each Wednesday @ 8PM and on Saturdays @ 11AM. 

All calls are Eastern Standard Times. 

Simply dial into our virtual call center. NO Access Codes required. Approx 17 Minutes. 877-217-7452

We also have a host of archived digital services available for download here   

Also, consider visiting a CGMPA Church facility. CGMPA is an International Non-denominational Christian Church, and ministry with currently two locations. One in Philadelphia PA. and the other, in San Antonio TX, with Canada to come onboard in 2019.

Contact us for more details:

Contact information below:

(1) If you're located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area ... Join us for worship on Sunday's. Contact Pastor Derick E. Wilkes, for the schedule. 800-694-8146

(2) If you're located in the San Antonio, Texas area ... Join us for worship on Sunday's. Contact Pastor Roderick A Kendrick, for the schedule800-694-8146