Good Day Partners:

The Lord has been speaking with us recently about expansion of our personal heart CAPACITY and even moving into OVERFLOW.

In the process of this HEART expansion message, the LORD began to bring VISION into our hearts for some expansion He’d already been speaking to us about, yet, we had no timelines.

We did have some insight concerning what He wanted to do in Texas.

Well i
n September of 2018, the Lord enabled us to help Pastor Roderick Kendrick, establish a local Church in San Antonio, Texas under the covering of The Congregation of Churches.

Also, this year in 2019, around the time of our Anniversary in May, we intend to begin a work as well in Canada

We are sharing this with you, so as to keep you in the loop as to what we are doing in ministry and with some of the ministry resources. 

We desire your continued support prayerfully and financially.

We will also host a Conference in May of 2019, with emphasis on faith development. 

As we have always done, we intend to keep the vision before you, as we receive it in prayer. 

We’ve established the Cell Group Partnerships, in an effort to extend ministry to you throughout the world.

There are more things to come, even, an online healing school, weekly.  

This is an exciting time! 

May your personal HEART EXPANSION give-way to an OVERFLOW of vision and increase in your life as well … as you are partakers of the grace of God, on this ministry.  

Natalie & I value your faith in us and your partnership in ministry.  

Derick E Wilkes
Congregation of Churches
P. O. Box 42848,
Philadelphia, PA. 19101

Partner with us on some of our upcoming projects listed below:

Faith Project #1 - New ministry teaching tools for those who have need for them. Theological Workbooks and a mixture of other types of Christian Inspirational puiblications. ranging from economics, faith and healing. (Our Goal 500 books), $2,000

Faith Project #2 - Word of Faith Conference of 2019, made available for anyone interested in being edified, equipped and empowered in the Word of God. (Conference budget is met), 
yet, we will provide you an opportunity to sow into the ministry.

Faith Project #3 - The Cell Group Ministry Partnerships. We desire to create a host of CGMPA's throughout the USA and your consistent financial help of any amount is greatly appreciated. 

Faith Projects