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We are a resource for Churches, Ministries and Ministers publishing the gospel. We can help you to develop technologies that can help you to merge ministry into the marketplace...

To find out if a ministry or Church is spiritually accountable and connected to Congregation of Churches, simply call us and we will endorse those which are. We can be reached at 1-800-594-0691

Website Development 

Our website development ministry specializes in designing creative websites that will intersect with your vision. Your website can contain Images, Contact Forms, Audio and Video. Find out more here ...

Theological training

Our theological training program is a non-denominational Christian class designed to offer theological instruction to students and partners in a manner that is practical and easy to understand.

Call us at 800-594-0691 for Details Or CLICK HERE

Mentoring & Discipleship

If you’re without a Church family or Pastor and are interested in an accountability relationship with this ministry or a ministry in your area.
We can help!  Learn More!

About Us

Evangelist/Pastor Derick E. Wilkes, The Founder and President of “The Congregation of Churches”, was born in Greenville North Carolina, where as a child he occasionally traveled ministering healing to the sick, chaperoned by elders that recognized the call of God on his life.  Raised in Philadelphia, PA., Mr. Derick E. Wilkes worked in Marketing, with companies, such as, The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, and The Better Business Bureau of Philadelphia, before responding to the call of God into full time ministry.


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     Book Titles Include:

  • How To Hear Faith When It Comes
  • God's Health Care Plan
  • Mapping Out God's Plan ...
  • Rhema
  • Times & Seasons
  • Prophetic Nature of Faith
  • The Servant Leader
  • Dividing The Word and more ...

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Speaker Booking

We can train your Evangelistic team.

Your Church team can be equipped to effectively publish the gospel and administer the healing power of God to the sick within your church and throughout your city.

Schedule Evangelism Training at your church, today. To schedule Evangelist and Pastor Derick E Wilkes, Click Below!

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