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The Congregation of Churches, Evangelist Derick E Wilkes, Founder and Pastor

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Our Ministry List - Descriptions Below

Founded - by Evangelist Derick E. Wilkes (The Cell Group Ministry Call)  is a Cell Group that meets weekly via mobile phone to offer encouragement and blessing to it’s attendees.  Find out more.

Founded by Evangelist and Pastor Derick E Wilkes, The Institute for Theological Training, is designed to offer  theological training… Find out more.

 COC Baby Quilt Ministry.

Provision of Quilts to (At Risk Babies).

In 1988 Ellen Ahlgren, founded ABC Quilts to give love and comfort to at-risk babies in the form of handmade quilts, and to use this process to promote awareness, community service and prevention education. "At-risk" was defined as those babies born HIV-positive, affected by their mother's drug or alcohol abuse while pregnant, or abandoned.

This international network of volunteers has delivered over half a million quilts since ABC Quilts was founded. American Mothers became involved with ABC Quilts in 1992, when its founder, Ellen Ahlgren was named the New Hampshire Mother of the year. In 2006, American Mothers adopted ABC Quilts as a National Project. Quilts are made and donated by people of all ages, and all skill levels. The completed quilts are distributed to local hospitals and agencies that deal with babies and children at risk.

Formerly, ABC Quilts, Now - The St. Stephens Quilt Project.

Natalie A. W. Wilkes, is helping to bring healing to at risk children with her husband, Derick E Wilkes by sowing into the Philadelphia chapter of this ministry and distributing these quilts after laying hands upon them and releasing God's healing power into the quilts.

We are confident that when the children receive these quilts, healing will be released to the family.

If you desire a healing quilt for your child or to help us in this ministry, contact us at 1-800-594-0691.

SOZO Prayer Ministry  

Sozo is a Greek word that represents HEALING, WHOLENESS, DELIVERANCE, and more...

We would like to pray for you!

Simply contact us at
1-800-594-0691 ext - 3 and submit your prayer request.

We will believe God for your provision!

CALL 24/7 Leave Your Prayer Request!

Founded By Evangelist & Pastor Derick E. Wilkes, Internet Church.TV is a ministry of Congregation of Churches and is designed to provide worship opportunities to the Church outside of the four walls of your traditional worship facility.

There are groups of people that will be reached through the Internet, some are in transition, some have never been to a traditional church facility, and others are expanding on what they currently receive weekly.

Through Internet Church.TV ministry can even take place between Monday through Friday during the 9 to 5 window at work and at home through the Internet.

Learn More…

We believe God has called us to partner with ministries and missionaries traveling abroad.  Here’s how!

First of all, this program is for Churches and Ministries!

If your Church or Ministry is traveling abroad, and could use some help in navigating the journey. We would like to help by partnering with you financially.

(1) We will publish your information on our Website and other forms of social media.

(2) We will also sow a seed into your trip.  

Simply complete the application below for consideration and approval. We will get back with you at our earliest convenience, regardless of the outcome.

Simply Complete the form below.

Cell Group Ministry

Theological Training

Prayer Ministry

Video Ministry

World Missions

Baby Quilts

Current Partnering Mission Projects

1. Harambe Baptist Church - Pastor Jeffrey Harley

Pastor Jeffery Harley went to Africa on March 8th 2016 for a two week period of time. They had an opportunity to minister the word of God bring deliverance and comfort to hundreds of people in the village that he and his team visited.

Thanks for helping us at
“The Congregation of Churches” partner with this Church and ministry in going to Africa.

As of  2016, The LORD has prompted us to support,
Harambe Baptist, in their mission efforts.

Thanks again!

Pastor Wilkes