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The Congregation of Churches, Evangelist Derick E Wilkes, Founder and Pastor

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Welcome To Our Partner Page

Partner Page

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What is Partnership:

Partnership is a type of covenant relationship, between two people who have common interests that seek to accomplish something that neither of them could accomplish alone and it’s based on giving and receiving.


God can use ministries and Ministry Gifts (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers) to equip and perfect saints through revelation.

The Saints:

God calls saints and others to connect with these gifts through partnership. And in that divine connection the Grace that is operating on His life is released to the partners, as a faith demand is placed on it.   It’s by Faith that we access the Grace!

We can partake of another’s grace through partnership. In Ministry Partnership, you commit to supporting the ministry or ministries that God leads you to connect with.

Reciprocally, you are blessed in return with the grace that flows through that ministry.  This is a type of commitment that can take place beyond that of your local church.   Each one of us has a God given supply of the anointing to offer to the rest of the body, and that supply is distributed through partnership.  

Partnership isn’t a marketing strategy designed to raise money, not as it relates to ministry. However, partnership is a holy ordinance that was established to equally distribute God’s ability, throughout the body.  

When we come together in the unity of the faith, we are bringing together the different measures of our grace, and then we have the full body of Christ and the anointing without measure.  

Why should We partner up with The "Congregation of Churches"?

1. As an Individual, your partnership is greatly appreciated. Some individuals that partner with Congregation of Churches are looking to support an international work that compliments the vision that God has also placed in their hearts and others are looking for mentoring and a source of accountability. We at Congregation of Churches would appreciate your partnership at any level of commitment in prayer and giving.

2. Also, Churches, Ministries, and Businesses that partner with "Congregation of Churches" are newly developed or developing and desire the experience of an established ministry to help them along in their journey. Then there are, Churches, Ministries, and Businesses that partner with "Congregation of Churches", that are established, but are interested in making themselves accountable to other leaders in ministry. We at The "COC" in this instance, become an accountability partner or a covering for Churches, Ministries and Ministers.

Benefits of Partnership

Churches, Ministries And Ministers

1. Weekly Faith Coaching Sessions: Cell Group Ministry Calls and Private Sessions

2. Low Cost Theological Training Program:
3. The opportunity to be a partaker of God’s work globally.  
4. Daily prayer support.
5. Access To All Partnership Correspondence:

How Can We Become a Partner Today?  

1. Complete the partnership form below.
2. Also, we welcome your monthly financial commitment to The Congregation of Churches.

Partner Form

We will follow up with you upon receipt of your application.
Thanks for partnering with Congregation of Churches.

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