Derick E. Wilkes, Founder

Congregation of churches: The COC-Pastor portal is designed to provide resources for Churches, Ministries and Ministers. 

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We help Churches with designing  websites that will intersect with their vision. Your site could contain images, forms, audio and video.

Online courses can be completed
at your own pace. The courses contain PDF's, Media Files and 
corresponding exams. Then once completed a certificate is given.  

Be equipped to effectively publish the gospel and administer the healing power of God to the sick within your church and throughout your city.

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  • Kingdom Economics
  • Faith For God's Vision
  • The Language of Faith
  • Hear Faith When It Comes
  • Prophetic Nature of Faith
  • Servant Leadership
  • God's Health Care Plan
  • Times And Seasons
  • Rhema
  • Mapping God's Plan/Marriage
  • Faith To Be Born Again
  • Dividing The Word Workbook
  • Keys to Healing CD
  • Mountain Moving Faith DVD
  • Anointing Oil
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We can help you merge ministry into the marketplace...

We can also help Churches, Pastors, Ministers of the gospel, with Desktop Publishing, Discipleship Opportunities, and Logo Development. 

We can help you merge ministry into the marketplace through the use of online technologies, If you believe the Lord is leading you to partner with us, contact us at 1-800-594-0691, or simply tap onto the link below, and we will follow up with you ASAP.