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Our Bible Development Courses Online, are created with you in mind. The BDCO's will be offered in the form of Video/PDF Classes in a manner that is practical and
easy to understand. 

Scheduled Selection Of Classes Include: Faith, Healing, Righteousness,, Evangelism, Covenant, Prayer, Gifts
and Callings, Fruit of The Spirit, The Believer’s Authority and Kingdom Economics. 

A certificate of completion will also be made available
to you, once you complete a series of corresponding questions and answers.  

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  This current course is entitled "Fundamentals of Faith" and is designed to help you tap into basic components and principles associated with faith that will enable you
  to tap into manifestations like never before.  In sports the players and teams which are most successful are those who have mastered the fundamentals.
  We will look at the two kinds of belief, we will look at two Greek root words which represent "Word", we will look at how faith is released, what causes faith to
  come, where faith get its authority and much more.  Only $65.00  

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