Derick E. Wilkes, Founder

Website Development

We specialize in designing websites
that will intersect with your vision.

Our websites will contain images, contact forms, audio and video.

Learn more about what we have to offer in the text BELOW.

SPECIAL Pay for Hosting and maintenance only. Website fee waived!

Recurring Only $25 per month


Responsive Website Designs - We can create your site using RWD which will enable your Website to resize in proportion
to the device your visitors are viewing your website through.(laptop, mobile or I-pad) A Mobile website is a byproduct
of RWD technology.

Website Optimization - Also, to ensure that your website is accessible to search engines and to improve overall
chances of your site being indexed by visitors we will add relevant key phrases and words when creating your website.

Monetize -We can help to Monetize your website. What does this mean? What it could mean for you, is that, we add
a Payment Gateway to your website, so that your customers visiting your site can purchase your products or pay
for services.

On-Demand Web
 Cast - An On-Demand Web cast is the playback of a previously streamed video, which was archived
but is available and accessed easily via a link embedded on a web page. You would be able to * demonstrate products
* display features * establish credibility * illustrate benefits * teach concepts * increase conversion and more. We can
edit the video that you present to us and upload it into a player that we will place onto your site that we build for you. 

Logo Development - A logo is the fastest way to build brand recognition. It is the easiest way to consistently apply
visual representation (logo) to your strongest verbal communication in your (entity name).

A good logo should communicate, to your audience who you are. The Logo can be your signature on site (sight).

rand Development

A company’s brand represents their market identity—who they are, what they do, what kind of quality they provide,
their reputation for trustworthiness, and who people perceive you to be.

Character from the Greek means "engraved or stamped mark" "branding mark, symbol" it is a sign or symbol.

The character of your company stamps you, and when the people interact with your company, they draw a perception, and
from this perception your entity starts to move in a certain direction. Let's choreograph the perception of your entity
in the proper direction.

Desktop Publishing and Preparation Services

Desktop Publishing allows for the processing of newsletters, brochures, books, etc. We have assisted several authors
in self publishing their books as well as our own and can help you in this process. We can even design a website for you
that can simultaneously serve as an online magazine with flip pages.

If you'd like to get started today, contact us and we can discuss a price for you and strategy for your site.

Our base price for Standard websites is $895.00. (Unless there's a special going on - Jan to March 2021)

We can also help you with one of two types of APPS. Not to be confused with a mobile website.

Mobile APP or a Web APP.

We'll explain the differences between both ... as we proceed.

If you'd like to have an APP. We can talk about designing you one of either ... of the two types.

The price structure for an APP is different than the one we have for websites. They are typically more expensive! 

Mobile Website Vs Mobile APP.

Mobile website is likened unto a Standard website in that it uses browser based HTML pages.

Both, the Mobile website and the Standard website are basically the same. 

The unique difference is that one is designed to accommodate handheld device viewing capabilities.

However, Mobile APPS are different. Mobile APPS or Native APPS as they are sometimes called, are applications
that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser. 

It's that simple!

As a Mobile APP user ... one would visit and download their desired APP from the Google play store. The APP then pulls content          and data from the Internet, in a similar fashion to a website, or it may download the content so that it can be accessed without an Internet connection.

Your purpose of use is what determines whether you should build a Mobile APP or simply enjoy a Mobile friendly website

One thing for sure, if you’re going to build a Mobile APP you’ll definitely need a Standard website

A Standard website is built with Responsive Web Design Technology in mind in order to accommodate the handheld
device while providing the mobile device user with a friendly experience.(Mobile website)

If your users need to access your content even when offline, then an APP may be the way to go. Otherwise I’d encourage
you to  simply go with the Mobile website.

Again, the Mobile website offers an immediate user friendly experience for the end-user. Whereas with the Mobile APP ...
it must first be downloaded to the users device. 

The Mobile Website is compatible with most devices. Whereas when designing native APPS, one must consider whether
it’s being designed for the Apple device or Android.

With that being said ... the compatibility factor is in favor of the Mobile website.  

Updates on a Mobile website can be easily uploaded and accessible to all viewers of your website imeadiately. Whereas
with a Mobile or Native APP ... any updates has to be published to the users ... who must then re-download the APP.

Again, with us, your Mobile website is simply a byproduct of your Standard website.

Here's another thought, to consider; A mobile website can be designed to perform like an APP. In this instance it
would be labeled a Web APP.

Web APP is ALSO ... less costly and doesn’t require submission to the playstore and can be accessed via your typical
web browser.

Lastly, when accessing your website via a mobile device, you could consider simply ... saving the site ... you visited
to your mobile device’s home screen, for convenience sake. 

Let us help you with whatever you consider doing. 

Call us for additional details - 1-800-594-0691